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        Institute of Coal Gasification has been involved in R & D of coal gasification for over forty years, with R & D aspects covering fixed-bed, fluidized-bed and stripped-bed gasification technologies, and is most special... 详细
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        Institute of Catalysis , with the longest history of R & D activities in purification of synthesis and process gas via adsorptive, absorptive and catalytic processes, has been leader in this field ... 详细>>
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        Institute of Fine Chemicals has been involved in R & D activities in and manufacture of medicinal intermediates and advanced materials for over ten years. The R & D facilities include those for pre... 详细>>
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        Has been engaged in development of pollutive emission control technologies for two decades. The first developer in China of the catalysts and technology for catalytic decomposition of dioxin from m... 详细>>
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        Agrochemistry is a traditional research aspect of NWRICI, with an R & D history of over forty years. Variety of fertilizers, i., g., plant growth nutrients, microelement fertilizers, special-purpos... 详细>>
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        Providing information searching, investigation and reading service for the R & D activities of the institute. Address:1 Huochezhan Street, Lintong ,Xi'an, China Postcode:710600Phone:029-83870433Fax... 详细>>
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