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Institute of Catalysis , with the longest history of R & D activities in purification of synthesis and process gas via adsorptive, absorptive and catalytic processes, has been leader in this field for over forty years in China. NWRICI has also been engaged in researches in catalysis, catalytic processes and catalysts for C1 chemistry.Over 100 achievements were made upon basis of undertaking national, ministrial and provincial level key R & D projects. Over twenty prizes were awarded from national and provincial governments. The technologies and products developed in different aspects include: hydrodesulfurization (HDS) catalysts, desulfurization sorbents, dechlorination agents, de-arsenic agents, deoxygenation catalysts, dehydrogenation catalysts and fluorine removal agents, for treatment of natural gas, associated gas, coker dry gas, FCC dry gas, coker gas and hot gas; methanol and dimethyl ether(DME) synthesis catalysts; high-temperature shift(HTS), low-temperature shift and sulfur-tolerant shift catalysts; ambient-temperature methanol scrubbing technology.

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