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Institute of Coal Gasification has been involved in R & D of coal gasification for over forty years, with R & D aspects covering fixed-bed, fluidized-bed and stripped-bed gasification technologies, and is most specialized in stripped-bed coal gasification technology, which represents the trends in coal gasification . The processes commercialized or under commercialization include Coal-Water Slurry Gasification, Multi-Component Slurry Gasification(MCSG) and Dry Pulverized Coal Gasification technologies, bituminous (brown) coal gasification to make medium-caloric fuel gas, CO2 reduction to make CO and continuous oxygen-enriched gasification. Over forty research achievements were made upon undertaking state- and provincial-level key R & D projects, including one First Prize for National Science and Technological Progress, two Second Prizes for National Science and Technological Progress and over twenty prizes from ministry- and province-level.

Multi-Component Slurry Gasification (MCSG) Technology, patented technology developed upon basis of decades of R & D efforts, has been a leading first-choice technology for large-scale coal-based chemical plants (i. g., ammonia, methanol and CTL plants), and is being in operation in different locations in China.

Institute of Coal Gasification has established a full-scale, well-equipped coal testing laboratory, most-advanced of its kind in China, and has tested over 1500 sorts of coal from China and abroad.

Institute of Coal Gasification provides licensing of coal gasification technologies( including technical support from PDP to start-up), coal testing for elemental analysis, chemical analysis, gasification properties determination and coal-water slurry or multi-component slurry preparation behaviors.

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