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T207 Hydrodesulfurization Catalyst
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Features and Application

T207 Hydrodesulfurization Catalyst is developed for HDS of natural gas, associated gas, LPG and naphtha at lower ( less than 220 ℃) or higher ( over 350 ℃) temperature, with easier sulfiding, and has been used in ammonia, methanol and hydrogen plants with sulfur in treated stream less than 0.1 ppm when used in comnination with zinc oxide sorbent. Users of the product include Cangzhou Petrochemical.


Appearance                                                               gray-blue extrusion or spherical
Size/mm                                                                     φ(3±0.3)or φ(3-4)spherical
Bulk density/kg•L-1                                                  0.60-0.80
Radial crush strength/N•cm-1                               ≥70 (extrusion)
Point crush strength/ N                                           ≥50 (spherical)
Attrition loss/%                                                         <3.0

Operation condition

For liquid feed:
Pressure/MPa                                                          2.0-4.0
Temperature/℃                                                       220-400
LHSV/h-1                                                                  1-6
H2/oil                                                                         50-100
Srsenic in the feed/ppb                                          <100

For gaseous feed:

Pressure/MPa                                                          2.0-4.0
Temperature/℃                                                       220-400
GHSV/h-1                                                                  <2000
hydrogenation percent of the feed /%(V)        2-5
Ammonia in the recycled hydrogen/ppm             <100

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